Story Bible for Writers & Novelists


Ever worry about keeping all the details straight while you work on your soon-to-be-bestselling masterpiece? This 12-page template has everything you need to create a story bible — a comprehensive document with the details of your characters, settings and maps, and timelines. There’s even a template to record the details of any magic and technology you create for your fictional universe.


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This PDF is designed to be printed according to what pages you need in a specific quantity. Need lots of character profiles but few setting sketches? Print as many profiles as you have characters. It’s easy to use the Story Bible for Writers and Novelists to assemble a document that meets your needs.

Includes two cover options: full image and printer-friendly. This PDF is designed in black and white for easy, economical printing.

Templates include:
Cast List
Setting List
Setting Sketch (Map)
Setting Summary
Character Summary (2 Pages)
Character Arc
Relationship Web
Timeline (Simple)
Timeline of Events (Detailed)
Magic & Technology Outline
Notes/Scratch Pages

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